Hobby Time Questions To Ask People Over Text: Best 50 Questions For Interesting Chat

A collection of best hobby time questions to ask people while texting with your interesting people, best people and best natured people. Let everyone know how much hobby time question for text chat is important to your whatsapp, Facebook and social messenger chats. You can also ask these hobby time friendly questions to your boyfriend, girlfriend, him and her. These hobby time question make your chat to very interesting conversation.  Our best supporter in entire world is our best people so question your best people and make the moments wonderful. The following questions to ask a friend you like, can be asked through chat conversations or as text messages. Some question, they can unlock some secrets of people. Ask open questions that strengthen your bond faster while ask over text. These questions include some good things to ask while texting.

1. If you could change 4 things in the world, what would they be?
2. If you could change anything about you or your life, what would you change now?
3. What's the biggest personal change you've ever made?
4. What's your favorite dessert?
5. When do you feel best? In the morning, afternoon, or evening?
6. Where do you visualize yourself in 5 years, 10 years?
7. Do you prefer to spend more time with your SO, family, or friends? Why?
8. Favorite age you've been so far?
9. Favorite Thing To Spend Money On?
10. Has there ever been any situation because of which you’ve had to take anti-depressants or any similar medication?
11. How do you feel about cars becoming fully autonomous and having no steering wheel, breaks, or accelerators?
12. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
13. How much do you change when you know no one is around?
14. How much have you changed in the past year?
15. If there is one thing about your country that you could change, what would it be and why?
16. If you could be born into history as any famous person who would it be and why?
17. If you could change 3 things about your country, what would you change?
18. What is your favorite cheese?
19. What is your favorite ring on your phone?
20. If you could read minds, whose would you want to read?
21. What would you like to change about yourself?
22. If you could change one thing about your physical appearance what would it be and why?
23. If you could change one thing in your past, what would you change?
24. If you could change your name to anything in the world, what would you change it to?
25. What’s your favorite movie to watch over and over again?
26. What’s your favorite scene in a movie?
27. Which store has the best shopping: Wal-Mart, Target or Kmart?
28. Who is the most impressive famous person alive today? Why?
29. Would you rather have a very long (120 years) comfortable but boring life, or live half as long but have an exciting life packed with adventure?
30. Do You Like Kids?
31. Do you like rainy days or snowy winter days more?
32. If you have to choose a movie title for your life story, what would that title be?
33. If you were president, what is the first thing you would do?
34. Name 3 things in nature you find most beautiful?
35. Name a movie or movies you can watch over and over?
36. Name your 5 favorite foods?
37. If you had just 5 minutes left to live, what would you do?
38. If you had thirty minutes a day to do anything you wanted, what would you do? Why?
39. If you had to change one thing about yourself, what would you pick?
40. If you had to choose between money, fame and freedom; what would you choose and why?
41. If you had to live in the arctic what kind of an animal would you be?
42. If you had to choose a new name for yourself, what would it be and why?
43. What Are Your Favorite Beverages?
44. What body part would you change on yourself if you could?
45. If you could relive the last five years of your life, what would you change?
46. If you could slow down time, what would you do with that power?
47. If you found someone's wallet and there was a fifty dollar bill inside, what would you do with it?
48. What song always makes you happy when you hear it?
49. What types of movies do you enjoy?
50. What would you like to change about myself?

Hopefully, hobby time question to ask people can useful to you and questions may satisfy and flexible with your whatsapp and Facebook chat message.

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