Lovely Messages - Collection Of Nice 14 | Lovely Whatsapp Forward Messages For Boyfriend/Girlfriends In English

Hopefully, the collection of best 14 lovely whatsapp forward messages can useful to you and satisfy to forward boyfriend or girlfriend in whatsapp to all contacts.

Lovely Forward Message #1
I looked at a sweet, beautiful rose,
And then I looked at you,
And I kept looking at you,
For the rose isn't as beautiful as you.

Lovely Forward Message #2
I stare into your beautiful brown eyes,
I can feel the blood rushing throughout my body.
And as I brush the hair out of your face,
I slide my hand down your soft slender cheek,
As my skin touches yours, our hearts beat faster.
As you run your hands through my hair
I lean towards you,
I breathe you in.
And when our eyes close, our lips meet.
Our kiss is soft and wet,
Smooth and warm,
Sensuous and passionate.
The kiss hits our whole bodies like a tidal wave.
We both feel all of our emotion at once,
It’s a feeling words can’t describe.
As we pull away, you look into my eyes
And I look into yours,
We smile realizing that was our first kiss,
And it wasn’t going to be our last.

Lovely Forward Message #3
Kiss is the first step to show
How much I love you,
How much I think about you,
How much I miss u
Show that I trust u...

Lovely Forward Message #4
Let all my smile be yours
All your tears be mine,
Let all my happiness be yours
All your sadness be mine,
Let the whole world be yours,
Only you be mine

Lovely Forward Message #5
This is a moon which learns from you,
That is a sun which respects you,
There are stars which shine for you,
And here, it’s me who live for you.

Lovely Forward Message #6
If I would know that I'm going to die tomorrow,
I'll spend 23 hours with u and
If u wonder what about the last hour
In that I'll find someone
Who can take care of you
Love you always.

Lovely Forward Message #7
A Poetry Competition asked For A 2-Line
Rhyme With d Most Romantic 1st Line &
the Least Romantic 2nd Line
There's d Winning Rhymes
My darling, My Love,My Beautiful Wife
Marrying U Ruined,My Whole Life
I c Ur Face When I m Dreaming
That's Why I Always Wake Up Screaming
Kind Intelligent, Loving & Hot
This Describes Everything You r Not
I Love Ur Smile, Ur Face & Ur Eyes
Damn, I'm V Good At Telling Lies

Lovely Forward Message #8
I'm with you reading this ,
Looking at your eyes and your lips,
Touching your lips softly with my fingertips.
Making love to you in every kiss.

Lovely Forward Message #9
Life Becomes Romantic When Eyes Start Looking
At S0me 1 Silently..
Life Becomes More R0mantic When Some 1
Starts Reading Those Eyes Silently

Lovely Forward Message #10
Every Girls Dream..
1. Getting Kissed In the Pouring Rain.
2. Have the Hot Kiss Where You're Pressed against the Wall.
3. Have The Guy That Thinks You Are The World.
4. Have A Good Guy That Holds On As Long As Possible When Giving Hugs.
5. A Guy That Whispers He Loves You in Your Ears.
6. Have That Moment Where You Just Gaze Into Each Other’s Eyes.
7. When You Cry, He Kisses Your Tears Away.
8. When you’re Not with Your Guy He's All That You Can Think About.
9. Wearing His Jacket or His Sweatshirt and Every time You Breath In His Scent Surrounds You.
10. A Guy Who Will Watch Any Movie With You No Matter How Teary Eyed You May Get.

Lovely Forward Message #11
Every girl wants a guy
Who hugs her when they're watching a scary or romantic movie,
Who gives her his jacket even when he himself is feeling cold,
Who will always be the one to make her laugh,
Most importantly he will love her for who she is..!

Lovely Forward Message #12
Meeting you was fate,
Becoming your friend was choice,
But falling in love with you was
Completely out of my control.

Lovely Forward Message #13
If 10 people care 4 u,
One of them is me,
If 1 person cares 4 u that would be me again,
If no 1 cares 4 u that means
I’m not in this world.

Lovely Forward Message #14
You're like
My asthma, you take my breath away.
Like dandruff; I can't get you off my head.
Like my car, you drive me crazy.
Like dentures, I can't smile without you.

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